Good Morning Green Juice

November 7, 2017


i always believe that your day must start from the inside out.

and to take the time to make your own juice will reward you on so many levels. The ease of juicing with all of these incredible juicers to choose from makes our life so easy (not like when I was a kid, my family had one and it was a mess to clean). We use a Breville Juicer at home.

This recipe can be doubled to make twice as much and nourish you for a little while longer. You can easily drink this juice from a travel cup and drink it on your drive to the office or to drop the kids off at school.


If you make extra, this is the perfect nutrition for the kids to start their day too. A healthy body gives them a healthy mind to learn well.


1 Green Godess


5 minutes

Ingredients (Tap to make them disappear!)

  • 1 lemon
  • 5 kale leaves
  • handful mint
  • handful spinach
  • 1 knob ginger
  • 2 Cucumbers medium sized
  • 1 red apple


  1. 1
    Juice everything together in your juicer in this order and then pour and enjoy. It’s important to use ‘wet’ cucumbers or apples at the end of the juicing order to ‘flush the previous leafy and more dry ingredients from your juicer to get every bit of flavour and ‘greenness’ from it.



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