Dear Erinn & Michael

December 11, 2017


Congratulations to the two most beautiful people Ken and I know! Our hearts are so FULL and bursting with love.

You are the high school sweethearts (since grade 10) who have proven that love stories still exist. You have stayed together and you grew together and all the while, rode out the past 12 years deeply committed to growth individually and yet, always in your hearts together. I personally witnessed the dedication you both have had (and still do) to ‘serve’ one another. Your mindfulness you curate into each other’s souls is awe-inspiring. To graciously give one another the room to grow alone – in each of your own brilliance and then, with open arms, grow with warmth & togetherness. This is a gift. You are the example of what compassion and empathy and deep respect should be within our most sacred bonds and relationships. Thank you for being this light for us all.

It’s such an incredible love story and we’re so proud of both of you.

From Ken to Mike: “Holmes (his nickname), here’s to you for asking Erinn for her hand. Laying on the sword of true and utter complete devotion. Putting your soul into her hands is the total commitment and surrender. You totally surrendering yourself to her and that realization was probably what made you shake. You already knew she would say YES!!! So that’s not what ran through your body. It was asking if she could squeeze over a bit and let you into her soul every moment from here on in….forever. Mike, no one could ever ask for a man with any more selfless love, genuine respectful character, devotion and gentle lovingkindness than you. You’re the best of the best”.

From Ken to Erinn: “Erinn, you are incredibly gifted in so many ways beyond your talents – and your heart has helped us all in many, many ways. I so admire how you have sculpted the best of what was shown to you and made it all yours. You can run the world if you choose.

You are a princess in real life, and you now have your prince”.

I love you guys so much. Ken loves you both so much.
We miss you and can’t wait to squeeze you both! It’s time to celebrate!

Love Mom and Ken. Xo



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2 thoughts on “Dear Erinn & Michael

    1. Gosh we love these two so much. Erinn and Mike are the most ‘real love’ people we know. XO

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