Get To Know Spirit Rocks

December 7, 2016

WRITTEN BY: Kelly + Erinn

I found out about Lana through a mutual friend. When I went to see Lana for the first time I was going through some difficult times in my personal life and was struggling with severe anxiety. Lana performed peaceful reiki sessions during her one on one sessions with me, and we’ve now grown to become great friends.

lana wilson is an absolute angel goddess.

She is a reiki healer, light worker and as she likes to call herself, “chief fairy”. She has her own company, Spirit Rocks where she designs energetically charged crystal jewelry which she sells online and through her client base….and it doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely STUNNING, both inside and out.

her energy is absolutely infectious.

She’s a ball of bright white light and anyone that meets her is instantly drawn to her. Lana has changed her business model recently to reflect where she feels she needs to grow and challenge herself, and also where she wants to be in her business life. She has stepped outside of her comfort zone and has gone from doing personal one on one readings with a large client base to solely selling her gems. She told herself that she needed to step outside of her comfort zone, and that’s exactly what she did!

want to get some of her stuff?

I’d 100% recommend it! Her gems are beautiful! I’ve seen a ton of people making their own crystal jewelry, but Lana’s are the best for sure! You will feel like a powerful goddess with her crystals on…and who doesn’t want to feel like a powerful goddess right?! (You’ll notice I wear a few of her items in a lot of my pictures because I always have one with me).

Check out her shop, here:



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