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If someone asked us what we’d take with us onto a deserted island, these are the products we’d request a healthy dollop of. #notsoguiltypleasures

Oh Canada! You’re 150 years old.

Oh Canada. We take you for granted. We know we do. We have freedom and opportunity like nowhere else on the planet. We have healthy food, clean water, freedom to love who we want. We have great weather, warm homes, love seats, comfy beds, blankets and air conditioning too. Automobiles, plenty...


Essential Oils: Our Favourites and Their Benefits

Essential oils are a natural solution to many everyday health problems. From headaches to skin conditions, each essential oil has its benefits and can be used for a wide variety of issues. As more people today try to stray away from traditional medicinal ingredients, alternative methods like essential oils are becoming...


Gift Guide for the Baker

Baking is a fun holiday activity, and a great way to spend time with family and friends over the Christmas season. But, for people who love baking all year round, there are lots of gifts you can give over the holidays. We've always had a big passion for baking, and ever...


Gift Guide for the Yoga Enthusiast

The holidays can be a stressful time of year. Planning parties, making food, buying gifts, it's all extra work that you don't usually have to think about. On top of all that, you don't want to add the worry of trying to decide what to buy your friends and family. The easiest...


Giving Thanks During the Holidays

I subscribe to the daily words of Seth Godin (a Mover + Shaker I will be featuring in the coming weeks) and he created the Thanksgiving Reader, in his infinite wisdom, for the masses to enjoy, celebrate and to shift into a new consciousness over the holiday season. I stumbled upon...


Quick and Easy Christmas Tree Delivery

With all the busyness of the 4th Anniversary party of Kelly’s Bake Shoppe and the Grand Opening of Pure Love Smoothie Bar I feel like I blinked and the holidays are around the corner. Back in October, I was told about this amazing service: Merry Easy Christmas which I think...


Unleash the Power Within

This weekend was one I’ll truly never forget. I had the opportunity to see Tony Robbins in San Jose, California for his bi-annual Unleash the Power Within event. There were over 10,000 people in attendance! Let’s just say it’s was a giant party!!! Initially I’d had my reservations about Tony Robbins. I...


Good hYOUman

My NEW ARRIVAL is here!! Good Hyouman! I’m so excited! We are obsessed with the philosophy of this company. It was founded from the love of a boy that he had for his dad…and his loving memories of him. His dad was a motivator, in every sense of the word and so...

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